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November 10, 2012
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And so begins. by hendocrinogeno And so begins. by hendocrinogeno
Really, I don't think so, but I Had to make it.

I dont say that this man is the lich, I say that maybe somebody, a genius, looked the enchiridion and discovered that the magic existed, so he/she used to created the ultimate weapon to the war.

And Abader, well, If Marceline really was human then one to her parents was human and, What is the best way to meet a human?, Looking like one. :-)
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AJTalon 3 days ago  Student Writer
Oh my...
The lich, finn's father? o3o
JoshuMertens Mar 9, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Correction : Hunson is a demon .
Correction : Ice King Clearly has no relation by blood with Finn and he had regained Betty from the past .
The man in front is .. i dont know .
A Relative of finn? I hope Pendleton Sees This !! :3
fusionfalllovers Feb 23, 2014  Student General Artist
finn's dad(that yellow haired guy) its the LICH!!!!!!!!!! WHA?! 
LightingPrince Feb 6, 2014  Student Filmographer
que tan difícil sería para ti dibujar a este humano desfigurado de la cara por el lich?( mitad cara humana, mitad cara de zombie)
DuckyCupcakes Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Marcy's mom is the demon queen
Mr-Illusionist-1331 Feb 5, 2014  Student General Artist
Interesting idea and I love the Picture:)
soldier2333 Feb 4, 2014   Digital Artist
Is this a real thing?
my beliefs: hunsun abadeer became the vampire he is today from the amulet he gave to marcy. he probably got it from the enchiridion. simon probably got the crown from the enchiridion too. marceline was born a vampire. that is probably finn's dad. he is obviously wearing the glasses of nerdicon which would have allowed him to understand the enchiridion. finn's dad probably read something he wasnt sopossed to therefor allowing the evil forces of the enchiridion to posses him. apparently neither simon or hunson remeber their past maybe abadeer does becuase it doesnt state tha the doesnt or does. i believe that simon and hunson sealed the lich during the war but the lich still had a little good in him. maybe before they sealed him he said simon freeze my son so later in life he can see me. if not so why didnt the lich kill finn? he had plenty of opportunities right?. ithink the reason why the ice king is so obsessed with pb is becuase he partley remebers her for giving him and marcey the soup. and  the most recent episode shows the toxic monsters. when james is eaten he becomes one of them and is then shown leading them in the direction to the candy kingdom. if you look at them closely the candy zombies and the toxic creatures look similar. maybe when bublegum made the zombies trying to find more info from the mushroom war and the world and its people's origin. but with susan the lich probably told simon to freeze her along with finn
if he is finn's dad I have a better theory. All three of them are scientists. they could if built a time machine and sent finn to the future so he could live.
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